Monday, 29 February 2016

Pukekos Prediction Task - BDA

Comment below what happened before, during and after this picture. Don't forget to write your name.


  1. Before - The man had to move house
    During - He's speeding down the motorway with a load on the back of his truck
    After - He crashes and the stuff goes EVERYWHERE (Michaela)

  2. Before- He has got a lot of bags of rubbish
    During- He is delivering the bags to the rubbish dump
    After - He dumped them in the rubbish simulate (Seb)

  3. he was packing his rubbish into the truck.
    he got in his truck drove to the rubbish dump.
    he pushed the rubbish out of the truck. (Estelle)

  4. Before-The man was packing the boot of the truck.
    During-He was going to the dump.
    After-all of the rubbish fell out. (Matty)

  5. the man had a hole lot of bags on the truk
    they moved hose
    the rubis fall out