Sunday, 3 April 2016

Great Bedroom D.I.Y Math Inquiry

Sven’s Great Bedroom D.I.Y Mathematical Inquiry – Term 1 – 2016

Background Information:
Your family has just won $2,000 each in a ‘Great Bedroom Competition’. Your challenge is to spend your money to create the greatest bedroom you can.  You need to research the cost of beds, drawers, study desks & rugs and keep track of all the costs.  You may like to come up with some kind of theme for your bedroom?
You can spend less than $2,000… but not more! 
Task 1:
The most important part of any bedroom is a bed.  You must purchase this first.  It should be your most expensive buy but doesn’t have to be.  You can buy a brand new one or a second hand one, possibly from Trade Me.
Don’t forget you need to buy pillows, sheets and a duvet cover!

Task 2:
How are you going to keep all those clothes off the floor?  Drawers of course!  You must purchase these second.
Task 3:
What else does your room need?  Think about what other things you might like to include:
-          A rug
-          Study desk and chair
-          Artwork
-          Toy box
-          Cushions
Task 4:
Now to jazz things up.  What things do you want to buy that will really make your room the coolest space ever?  Things like a lamp, ornaments, alarm clock, electronics etc.
You must only do this after you have purchased everything else and if there is any money left over!
Once you have spent your money you must create a presentation to show the rest of the class (See Sven’s example)
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