Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Totara Times Week 3 Term 1

We have had a fantastic start to the year and Term 1 is now well underway. The Totara team is humming with enthusiasm and hard work.
The swimming programme at the Tepid Baths ends this Friday. The children have really gained a lot from this intensive session.
A gentle reminder that all children need a named sunhat every day and that they have a small piece of fruit or vegetable for their brain break. Some children have been eating their whole lunch at morning tea time so could you please check with your child to ensure they have enough food to eat during the day.
Lots of children are bringing their own devices which is great. We are working with them to unpack the Internet agreement to ensure that they really understand what they have signed and the responsibilities that go with using any devices at school.
Learning in Totara
Our key competency focus continues to be on self-management and the children are making great progress with this as they get to grips with different ways of doing things in a new environment.
The children have become ‘Data Detectives’ as they planned an investigation into a problem by posing a question, gathering data then analysing it before presenting their information in graphs and then interpreting their results. Alongside this inquiry, they have also been working on basic facts, number investigations and problem-solving.
The focus in Reading has been on building reading stamina so that the children can work independently during the daily Literacy sessions.
The focus will continue to be on the process of writing within the context of ‘recount’ writing.
Our focus has been on setting up routines with devices and teaching the children how to log in and use Onenote, Twitter (for our guided Chapter Chat sessions) and Reading Eggs.
Important dates
24th February: Kelmarna Gardens, 5 – 7pm School Picnic
17th March: Kelmarna Gardens
20th March: Goal setting conferences – school closes @ 12:40pm
22nd March: Goal setting conferences
31st March: Kelmarna Gardens
1st April: Music on the Field

Totara team
Jordan Meade
Trish Fransham

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