Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Totara Times - Term 2 Week 2

Totara Times – Week 2

Term 2 has started really well with everybody feeling rested and refreshed after the holidays. During Week 1 we had our swimming sports – this was a very exciting day with lots of enthusiastic participation and fun. Then, there was the very successful House Day with different games for everyone to enjoy. In between these two events, we got straight back into learning and working hard.

Learning in Totara

We have added in a new Key Competency goal this term and that is ‘Relating to Others’. We are working on co-operating in teams and being kind to each other. This will lead to another token that we can add to our kete.


We are continuing with work on Basic Facts, Number Investigations and Word Problems, and we have a new focus on Fractions for the next two weeks. We also have one session a week on Growth mind-set Maths where the children are encouraged to look at maths problems in different ways. We are continuing to run workshops to meet the differentiated needs of students. Mathletics is always an option for some extra work at home.


We are working on non-fiction texts and information reports to tie in with our writing focus. We will continue to reinforce strategies to help with our decoding and comprehension. Don’t forget that Reading Eggs can be done at home.


For the first three weeks of this term we are focusing on procedural writing and expressing ourselves clearly and precisely. Then we will move onto writing Information Reports to fit in with our Science Inquiry.


We are coming to the end of our Inquiry into Art in the Community and are working on the ‘Action/Celebration’ part of our Inquiry cycle. This takes the form of printmaking and recording our journey digitally through the medium of ‘Sway’, which can be accessed through Office 365.

Sausage Sizzle

Tomorrow will be the first of our fortnightly sausage sizzle.  Every two weeks the councilors will run a sausage sizzle for Bayfield students. It will always be the same day that we have assembly.

Important Dates
Wednesday 17th May – School Cross Country
Wednesday 21st June – Totara Team trip to Stardome

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