Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Totara Times - Term 2 Week 6

Totara Times – Term 2 Week 6 ending 9 June

The term is racing by and everyone is hard at work.  Self-management is an on-going focus while working in flexible learning spaces. Our other Key Competency is ‘relating to others’ with an emphasis on collaborative teamwork.

Learning in Totara


Our current focus is on Addition and Subtraction strategies with booster workshops in Place Value. Our work on growth mind-set maths is continuing and we have added another activity into the independent work that everyone completes each week. This activity is a times table challenge with the children competing against themselves to improve their accuracy and speed as they work through all the times tables. It is important that the children learn the times tables by heart.


Non-fiction texts comprise the bulk of our guided reading sessions now as this complements the work we are doing in writing. Children should be reading at home every night and doing some Reading Eggs work.


We have been doing some excellent research and writing this term. We are writing information reports with a focus on putting capital letters and full stops in the right places. The success criteria includes grouping ideas into paragraphs and expressing our thoughts precisely.


We have successfully concluded our inquiry into art in the community and have moved on to a Science inquiry.  Jordan’s group are looking at chemical reactions and Trish’s group are studying mould. We are using ‘Sway’ (accessed through Office 365) to record our investigations and keep a note of our observations.


Many of our reading activities require the use of headphones. Unfortunately, many of the school headphones have been broken so we are asking if children can bring a pair from home.

Important dates

Wednesday 21st June – Stardome trip

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