Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Totara Times Week 4

Totara Times – Week 4

We had a wonderful cross county last Friday, we had all been training hard and each student competed well. We congratulate all students for their individual achievements in the cross country and to our overall winners.

Learning in Totara

Our key competency of 'Relating to Others' is progressing well and we are seeing some wonderful team work in different activities. Some students are still working towards earning their self-managing tokens which we will continue to hand out with our new relating to others tokens each Friday.


We are continuing to develop our Math program and are adding more workshops into the mix. Bevan will come in for a workshop on Fridays to promote problem solving whilst we will continue to run workshops on number knowledge and strategy work. We all so have a new program called 'Khan Academy' running in the classroom to further extend our high achievers.


We are working on non-fiction texts and information reports to tie in with our writing focus. We will continue to reinforce strategies to help with our decoding and comprehension. We are adding a sight word spelling program to run alongside our weekly phonics lessons.


We have begun to look at information reports in writing, we will be continuing on with non-fiction writing to fit with our science topic. We appreciate parents showing an interest in writing and seeking to see the final product that we publish on 'Kid Blog'.
We have also completed a self assessment for handwriting and are going to start running handwriting workshops alongside our literacy program.


This week we presented our Sway power points about our learning journey in the art inquiry. We had some wonderful presentations and have some fabulous pieces of art. We are moving now into our science inquiry section where we will be running two different science topics that students can self elect into.

Alongside our Inquiry we are running a Maori rotation in collaboration with year 3 to explore Matariki from different aspects. The groups will explore Matariki art, Maori star navigation, Matariki drama, dance and the significance of the seven Matariki stars.

Sausage Sizzle

There will be another Sausage Sizzle on Friday this week.

Important Dates

Wednesday 21st June – Totara Team trip to Stardome
Monday 26th June - Friday 7th July - Trish away on leave

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