Monday, 28 August 2017

Totara Team 4 – Term3 week 6 ending 1 September

We are in full swing with practising for the production in week 9.  Please can you remind the children to practise the two dances at home (they are also on the blog), as soon we will only have the music and no video to help us.

Awataha Marae visit
We had a great visit to the marae with lots of learning.  From how to walk on to the marae grounds and be welcomed in a powhiri to eating delicious Maori bread, learning about their ancestors and their art, viewing the new carvings to be placed inside the wharenui, learning ti rakau sticks games, weaving harakeke and finishing with the haka!

The Auckland University Dance students finished their 3 weeks with us, culminating with a dance routine shared in the hall amongst the Years 0-4.  We loved having Kiritina and Kim teach us learn more about ourselves and aspects of diversity in our dances.

The disco was great fun and a riot of colour, dancing and noise.  Thank you to all those that helped with the set up.

Learning in Totara
Summarising and finding key words in texts – fiction and non-fiction.  Lots of silent sustained reading.  Great to see the children choosing their own chapter books and really enjoying the quiet reading time after lunch as well as Trish’s Chapter Chat and novel time. 

The children are finishing their myths and legends and have published them into booklets.  Please come along and read them with your children.  Some of the children have started on beautiful poems expressing themselves through the senses.

We are still continuing with addition and subtraction strategies.  Keep reminding the children to practise their x tables at home and basic facts to 100 and beyond with fast recall.

Children should not be at school before 8.20am unless for sports practise.
Class, individual & sibling photos – 5th September

Production 19th, 20th, 21st September

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