Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Totara Team 4 – Term 4 Week 4 ending 10 November 2017

Week 4 has arrived and the sun is starting to shine!

Year 4 have been writing persuasive speeches of their choice.   We have been inspired by some wonderful year 5 and 6’s speeches.  We have started to research our topics and are looking forward to presenting them to each other.  By Annabel

Scooters and bikes
It is wonderful to see kids riding bikes and scooters to school but they need to remember to wear a helmet.  It is a school rule that we need to get off bikes and scooters at the gate or crossing and walk through the school.  By Ben

On Tuesday afternoon’s the year 4’s and 3’s are now doing sport rotations.  A reminder that children need to bring a hat to school every day.  We have too many students who do not have hats at school for break times and outside activities.  By Max De

In maths both classes are focusing on multiplication and division. A reminder to practise times tables and division at home, and to keep up the good Mathletics work.
Everybody enjoys the problem solving middle block on Friday. Totara team has been doing so well in their independent maths (basic facts, number investigation, and basic facts speed test, problem of the week and Mathletics tasks).  By Finn D

Kids for Kid’s Choir
Year 4, 5 and 6 sang at the Bruce Mason Centre on Monday night. The two conductors were Chris and Brook the other two were the hosts Jackie (my favourite) and Nathen. A favourite song of the whole night was “Forever Tuesday Night”, because we just got to let loose with the actions. Everybody had a great time!  By Chloe

Passion Project
Every Wednesday the Year 4 children do a workshop run by the kids.  Eight children are selected to do one.  Each child who is chosen is to get everything prepared before the following Wednesday.  Steph and Trish are proud of how organised the children have been and how good the whole team have been at listening to the people running it.  If you child is chosen please can you help them prepare for it. Thank you.  By Zoe H

Typed by Joe.

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