Sunday, 24 June 2018

Totara Team 4 - Term 2 week 8 ending 22 June 2018


The Totara Team were extremely lucky to have the privilege of a special guest Dr Michelle Dickinson on Wednesday. 

Sarah, Gabrielle Ram’s mother has been working with Michelle on her new Kitchen Science Cookbook.  

We loved her science experiments and they got us all excited about chemical reactions.  

If you have a chance to see her show or buy her book we would highly recommend it.

Te Reo and Kapahaka with Renee
We have a new Te Reo teacher Renee.  This week the Year 4 students who were interested in Kapahaka had an introduction to it.  This is the pre cursor to learning and performing in Year 5 and 6.  The Year 4s loved it and the Year 3s are going to join in as well. 

In Te Reo we are learning a karakia, a waiata and how to greet people informally and formally.  Renee is helping us with our pronunciation.

Reading and Writing
We have finished the Chapter Chat story, The Wild Robot Escapes and are now incorporating it into our writing through writing a character description. 

We are focusing on fractions, metacognitive brain challenging activities, workshops and hands on practical activities.

We have had a fabulous term of art and have produced lots of pieces.  Some are hidden away for a surprise at the Art Exhibition.  We still need help framing, so please contact one of the Totara teachers if you can help with this.

We look forward to seeing you all at the fun event next week.

Mid year reports will go home at the end of the term.

Kind regards
Steph, Trish and Joanie

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Totara Team 4 - Term 2 week 4 ending 25 May 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers

What another wonderful two weeks of learning since we last wrote.  It comes around so quickly!

We are thrilled to announce Seesaw is now school wide.  As more people get used to using it the students will be sharing their work in process, successes, finished work and so on.  If you still do not have a Seesaw QR code please email me and I will send one home.

Cross Country
Yay, it was great to see it happen yesterday and it went so well.  We were thrilled with all our enthusiastic runners.  Well done to everyone for giving it a go and that training certainly paid off!

We have started a new term of maths workshopping and the students are loving organising their own timetables.  We have also been incorporating measurement, Youcube rich tasks from Stanford University aimed at primary school students as well as their group learning, basic facts and mathletics.  It’s a rich, engaging learning environment.  Next week the students will focus on fractions.

We have been learning how to write artist biographies.  The students have loved learning about different artists from around the world.  They are choosing how they would like to present their finished work – some as a speech, popplet app, on Onenote and power point.

We have been discussing kindness in our team with Caught Being Kind in the playground and watching Oat the Goat online which is a lovely story about kindness in English and Te Reo with questions about bullying to solve.  Please remind your child to always play fair and choose kind when disputes arise.

Lunchtime Activities
Bayfield School has set up some initiatives for the students to attend at lunchtimes run by the teachers.  These include Chess club with Bevan on Wednesday, Scooting on Thursday morning tea with Bevan, Scratch with Holly and Nat and Girls Can Code to encourage girls’ on Thursday, soccer coaching with Jack and Eco Warriors with Steph and Annette on Friday.

We have had an integrated programme with reading and writing looking at artists, we are learning to skim, scan and find key information, as well as synthesise new information.

We are continuing with our art to get samples ready for the Art Exhibition next term.  We will need some help with framing so if you can, please could you email Steph if you can help.

Eco Warriors
Our eco warriors meet every Friday at lunchtime and they are starting to come up with some great initiatives for the school.  We hope to roll them out through the school over the next few weeks and are so impressed with our very passionate Year 4 students.


Steph, Trish and Joanie

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Totara Team 4 - Term 2 week 2 ending 11 May 2018

Samoan Language Week 27th May to 2nd June
The Samoan students at Bayfield School will be doing a Samoan play and a Samoan dance.  We are performing in the hall and we are going to teach the children some Samoan language .
The Totara Team are also going to do some Samoan activities during the week. These will include Samoan maths activities, art, singing, and journal story activities.
By Katara

 After Anzac  weekend Joanie's writing class wrote Anzac day poems about the war and the parades that are celebrated in New Zealand.

These are Grace and Ella's poems that represent ANZAC day.

Bugles echo across the streets.
Sounds trumpet through the air
People salute as they march past the cenotaph.
Bagpipes play sad tunes.

Soldiers hide in trenches.
Bombs fall and fire.
Planes drop supplies and food
Submarines carry torpedoes and search the sea.
By Grace

Medals  are pinned on clothes
Bagpipes trumpet as I walk
Crosses dig deep into the ground
Marching feet tramp in the distance.

Soldiers wait on ships ready to attack!
Spitfires fire bullets in dogfights and they blow up
Bombs are dropped onto ships
Sad children leave for the country
We will never forget them.
By Ella

Soccer Coaching With Jack the Teacher
I did soccer with Jack the teacher today and Year 4 boys and girls who wanted to play on Wednesday at lunch time.  We learned  the rules of how to play fair soccer.  We played a good game but the other team I was playing won. The ref was Tom S and we need to listen to him.  It was fun.
By Sebby

Eco Warriors Trip to Sustainable Coastlines
Once we got to the year 2 space we waited till the bus came. Eventually we were up at the gate and it was a bit of a disaster because the bus parked somewhere different to where we waited but finally we found the bus. Suddenly we were there!  First we talked about banning plastic because too many sea creatures eat the plastic and it is polluting our sea by going down street drains.  After we ate we looked at dead fish and birds who had eaten too much plastic, it was very sad. Once we did that we made some reusable bags with tea shirts then we switched around and then I did planting seeds in plastic bottles. Sadly it was time to go.
By Sophie B

Every afternoon we listen to an audiobook
We are learning  about Chapter Chat and we listen to a  story called The Wild Robot Escape every afternoon, as an audio book. Once a week we get a list of questions that we have to write the answers to in our Reading books. On Friday we do our tweet. A tweet is where we can comment and answer from our Reading books.  That’s what the story is for, we comment on twitter, we look at other peoples art that they have done.
By Ed S and Marco

Hello, the Totara team went to the Auckland Art Gallery on Monday.  We did a sheet that included  finding more than one person in a piece of art. We went to this person called Jack, he taught  us about a strange piece of art by Ralph Hotere. People had many ideas about this art work, it was not normal, so Jack told us a little story about the art work and the story was real. 
That story was based on a famous artist that was trying to save his land by horrible man that was trying to make a metal factory that would pollute the sea. So people started throwing paint  balls at all the signs that said they were making it. The people got their victory because the factory wasn't built!
We did some self-guiding where we looked at many art pieces which were different and some told a story. We went to a studio to make an art work of our community. 
by Max Christie 😎and Chloe Driscoll

Plastic Bag Letters to the Prime Minister
We received a reply to our letters that we sent to the Prime Minister at the end of last term!
She wrote that "they were well written and she was really impressed by how much we know and care about the issue".  She personally wrote on the letter "I'll keep working hard on this one!"

E.O.T.C Photos

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Totara Team 4 - Term 1 Week 10 ending 13 April 2018

Wow what a term we have had, with so many wonderful experiences and lots of learning!

Swimming lessons, Meet the Teacher evening, School picnic, Learning Conferences, trip to Volvo Ocean boats and Maritime Museum, Bayfield's Let’s Get Inspired Day, Life Education, Kelmarna Gardens, Swimming Sports.

A huge thank you to all those parents who have helped during the term, we really appreciate it.

Have a safe and happy break.
Steph, Trish and Joanie

This week Totara team is writing to Jacinda Ardern to inform her about the plastic pollution that's in our oceans.  We're trying to persuade her to get rid of plastic bags  in New Zealand from now on because they can cause ...
1: floods by blocking up drains
2: our beaches look bad
3:kill our environment and marine animals
4: add to the growing landfill and pollution! 
5: kill humans by getting sick if they eat polluted fish!
By Alexandra

There's a Scratch Club thanks to teachers Holly and Nat!  There are lots of people at Scratch but you can only be Year 4, 5, 6. 
We are working on animating a name and putting it on the scratch classroom kind of blog.  Once we're done we have to make something fly. 
James made a flying car like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I'm making a dragon fly around buildings and if it touches a cloud there will be a "no" sound. It's good for anyone who likes to code on Scratch but not play games.  It is at 12.50pm after eating on Thursday’s.
By Hettie
There were a lot of different types of presentations like sway, power point, video interviews, plays, posters , books and speeches .  These were the groups and some facts

The sailors did the Volvo ocean race presentations with some advice from Merrick’s Mum and Dad.
The sailors group also told us about information from the Maritime Museum on our school trip.
They also got to see how the boat works as well because they were allowed on Scallywag!!

At the Maritime Museum we learnt about all the explorers who came to New Zealand like Kupe, Captain Cook and the Maori.  Some people did girl explorers.  Hooray girl power!!  We had a lot of choice of what we wanted to do.

Lots of people did Greek pioneers.  Most of these were refugees or about war.  Most of the presentations were acts or posters and some were sways, power points and we found them funny but at the same time they were full with awesome facts.
The posters were colourful, interesting and were really enjoyable to watch people share.
By Lucy and Freddy

Auckland’s Storm
On 10th April 2018 a massive storm came to Auckland and made trees fall down, it caused floods and small tornados.  The wind was going 140 kph.

Now Tom's story of what happened to him ...
At 9pm we heard a loud crash and looked out,  ... The fence was gone.  I was scared that I was going to die because I thought the roof would fall in, eek!!!
My brother saw that the fence fell over so that we could see the monkeys.
Just saying, I live across the road from the zoo.

Now Max's story ...
In the night I was SOOO!! Scared.   When I got back from basketball my baby sitter told mum the blinds had fallen off its hinges so we went upstairs and it turned out the hall window had fallen off its hinges so mum put a door over it!!!  We had a power cut from 9 in the night to five in the morning and in the morning our shelter roof fell down!!!
By Tom S and Max S

Chess Club
Bayfield has started a chess club thanks to Bevan.  We are having great fun.  It allows kids from each team to play chess and have fun.  Everyone is learning new tactics and moves.  It’s mainly year 4 who are going.  The meeting day is Wednesday.  There is nothing that delays the meeting but hey who wants it to be delayed. People who are learning chess don't learn for long because they are so good.  It was a jolly good idea.
 By James

Easter Fun
On Good Friday Magnus and I went to Tutukaka for Easter. We went boogie boarding down a grass hill and I went flying into the bushes.  Luckily Magnus saved me from the slope that went directly down into the water. The Tutukaka Motel had a games room, Magnus and I played air hockey and table tennis but the game just turned into a big ball fight.  I played lawn tennis with my family.  One day later we went swimming.  The pool was very cold.  It was as cold as the water in Antarctica so we jumped in the bubbling hot spa. The spa wasn't that hot so we really wanted to book a private spa but we weren't allowed to. On Easter Sunday Taylor found loads of eggs because my whole family was there.  Magnus went to Tree Climb Adventure Park while I watched the big fight.  It was sad how Parker lost! It was a great Easter playing together.
By Taylor and Magnus

Hockey Holiday Programme

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Totora Team 4 - Term 1 Week 8 ending 29 March 2018

Life Education
Totara team has all been to the Life Education Van.  Inside the van there were
lights on the roof and they lit up the room with colour.  A few things we learnt were how to show feelings and actions.  We played some fun clapping games that helped the brain.
By Magnus and Ollie S

Learning Conferences
Thank you to all the parents who came along to the conferences.  The children really enjoyed having you here to share their learning with.  Remember you can go online at home into Onenote and see children’s progression and work.  It's been a very busy Term 1.
By Steph

School Picnic
On Friday the 16 March Bayfield School had their annual picnic. It was amazing and almost the whole school was there. There was Mrs Whippy and there was a very long waiting line for it!  Everyone was running around like a pack of wild animals for a long time.  Bill (Nina's Hayes Dad) ,Kerri and Jack the teacher ran a hotdog stand . YUM !!!!!!!
By Gabrielle and Kate M

Swimming Sports
Year 3, Year 4 Year 5 and Year 6 all went to swimming Sports.  We competed against people in our year.  We competed in the 20m pool or 25m pool in our year doing freestyle or backstroke.  We were all cheering for each other.  We were all feeling nervous but I bet we all loved it!
By Imogen

At Kelmarna Gardens Paula talked to us about colourful mushrooms like, Wood Ear and  Birds Nest mushrooms.  Mushrooms only really grow in autumn.  Some are poisonous, some are not.  The wood ear mushrooms grow on trees and birds nest grow in plants.  After Paula talked to us she showed us all the mushrooms she grew in the garden.  We were all interested.   I could tell by the way people were looking.
By Sienna   

Banning Plastic Bags
Year 4 has started writing to Jacinda Ardern about banning plastic bags and how they are killing sea animals and fish.  We are trying to fix that!  We would like New Zealand to start cleaning up and stop littering.  We went to a dome at the Volvo Ocean Race and they told us about how all of our marine life and turtles mistake plastic bags for jelly fish and albatross mistake bits of plastic as fish.
By Merrick

Inquiry Presentations
We have been making posters, Powerpoints, Sways and plays. This is for our inquiry presentations.  We got to choose out of Sailors, Explores and Pioneers.  Some people chose David Attenborough, Diane Fossey and Neil Armstrong. Eve & I did a poster about Diane Fossey.  We learnt about Sway from Trish and how to make the sound work on Power Point from Steph. We got to watch some peoples power points posters, power points and sways.
By Ruby